We transform data into knowledge.

Customized application design, data analysis, visualisation and scientific consulting.

Harnessing complexity

We help organizations handle vast amounts of data and accelerate operations

Our services are geared toward helping our clients derive the most knowledge out of their data and information so they can focus on timely, productive decision-making. We achieve this with a scientific approach, backed by more than 20 years of experience in decision-making support, and a seasoned, results-centred defence pedigree.

Our line of work

Data fusion is the process of combining data to refine state estimates and predictions.[1]

In practice, the goal is for the final picture to provide more meaningful information than the sum of its parts and a better understanding of the meaning and evolution of this picture in the context of the observer's goals. Although Fusion originated as an applied defence process, the tools developed and the ground already covered, intersect with many application fields, and we have the proven experience to efficiently apply the technology with palpable results.

OODA is a leader in the field of fusion, chairing the Board of Directors of the International Society for Information Fusion (ISIF), organizing studies and workshops, and promoting its use.

[1] Steinberg, A.N., Bowman, C.L., and White, F.E.,“Revisions to the JDL Data Fusion Model”, in Sensor Fusion: Architectures, Algorithms, and Applications, Proceedings of the SPIE, Vol. 3719, 1999

An essential element of knowledge discovery is to unearth unknown models of activity or behaviour from large volumes of data.

With products under its belt like Bullbear and Marketsense, OODA is particularly competent in performing natural language processing on vast quantities of documents and massive databases to extract meaningful information.

OODA builds large relational databases that acquire data from multiple sources in real-time and are easily extensible. We have pushed the speed limits of PostgreSQL centralized databases allowing them to comfortably handle terabytes of data.

A strong database architecture is often the backbone of data analysis and OODA has the capability to tailor it to our client’s specific needs.

OODA’s experience extends to producing clear visual representations of data allowing organizations to see the overall picture, often making use of geographic information systems (GIS) to provide more insight into data.

Decision support systems provide automated support to human decision making processes to facilitate and accelerate the decision cycles.

Automated decision support technologies are increasingly being integrated in military command and control (C2) systems and we have actively participated in that effort since our beginnings. We also apply our strong expertise in military decision support to diverse domains such as: finance, urban planning, pollution emergency management, etc.

Behind the name

Observe. Orient. Decide. Act.

At OODA, we believe that true understanding is a process of unwearying refinement, and the willingness to pursue the result to its fruition. This view is part of our work ethic, our projects and our name.

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Know more. Faster.

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Simple, intuitive web application design

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Maritime traffic data administration

Big data management for maritime surveillance

Active Maritime Surveillance

Information fusion in an operational context

Joint Fire

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